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1) Census of the technical capacities of companies members on the basis of software elaborated and supplied by the ONUDI (Organization of Nations United for the Industrial Development), software the use of which is common to all the stock exchanges of Subcontracting and Partnership in the world and the members of the network ONUDI.

2) Business gettings in touch: all the gettings in touch popular and asked by the members was regularly honoured. It was the same of all the demands of gettings in touch formulated by companies so national there as foreigners and not members of the stock exchange of Subcontracting and western Partnership. These demands were exclusively communicated to the Members of the BSTPO to follow-up.


3) Organization of several days of business gettings in touch between western companies Algerian and French companies of the regions of Marseille, Languedoc Roussillon, of Toulouse and of Midi-Pyrénées, and of Marseille, delegations which were led by the Chambers of Commerce and industry of their regions.

4) Participation in Algiers with Members in the days of business gettings in touch with Indian, Polish, Finnish and Tunisian companies.

5) Organization of 2 open days:
5-1) - The first one concerning opportunities of subcontracting offered by the Glass company (ALVER).
5-2) - The second is around the opportunities of partnership offered by the University Laboratories of research of the west Algerian to SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED FIRMS / SMALL INDUSTRIAL FIRMS.

6) Participation with delegations of member companies of the BSTPO in:
 2 editions of the agreements of business entitled AMI (Mediterranean Conferences of the International) organized by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Marseille, in Marseille with the participation, in the highly-rated of the French companies, the companies representing 8 countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt) and an European country: Turkey.
 An edition of the business agreement MECASEMAINE organized in Lyon.

7) Organization of several technical days around the following subjects:
 The quality assurance and the World Trade Organization.
 The Industrial Maintenance.
 The procedures of export.
 The transmission of the knowledge and the TCI with the cooperation of the graduate school of Technical education of Oran.
 The food safety and the sanitary risks, in partnership with the Representation of the ONUDI in Algiers.
 The creation of the begun microcomputings.
 Approximation Entreprises-Universités.
 Statutory Procedures in evaluation of the correspondence of products, protection of the industrial property, the legal metrology and the fight against the imitation.
 The food safety.
 The industrial Subcontracting, the national seminar organized in Algiers on June 30th, 2008.




8) Organization of a Lounge of Partnership, Supply and Subcontracting of the Building (SPASTO) from 7 till 11 February 1999 in Oran.

9) Organization of several editions of the International Lounge of the Partnership, Supplies and the Subcontracting: SIPAST in the Exhibition center of Oran:
 A first edition from 26 till 29 January 2002.
 A second edition from 10 till 13 May 2004.
 The third edition from 06 till 09 February 2006.

10) Participation as exhibitor in:
 4 editions of the World Lounge of the Subcontracting: the MIDEST which is held annually in the Exhibition center of PARIS NORD - VILLEPINTE.
 3 editions of the Moroccan International Lounge the Subcontracting: the SISTEP which is held in Casablanca (Morocco).
11) Participation as visitors in the following Lounges:
 SIAM organized in Toulouse.
 Alliance organized in Lyon.

12) Organization of the participation of the Algerian companies, as exhibitors, in the edition 2008 of the World Lounge n°1 of the Subcontracting: the MIDEST on 2008, which took place in the Exhibition center in NORTH BETS - VILLEPINTE from 04 till 07 November 2008.
This participation was introduced and coordinated by the stock exchange of Subcontracting and Partnership of the west, by means of a Detached house Algeria and grouped 08 exhibitors.

13)Organization, in partnership with the Professional organization of the Region of Lyons: EQUIP AGRO, on November 19th and 20th, 2008, of a seminar Algéro-Français "ORAN AGRO MEETING" centred around the food-processing activity and for the benefit of SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED FIRMS of western Algerian.

14) Constitution of a phone book of the production and the services offered by the SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED FIRMS / SMALL INDUSTRIAL FIRMS of western Algerian.

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