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To adhere “Subscribe” to the B.S.T.P.O. it is: 

  • Thanks to the operation of Algerian western census of the technical capacities of the companies of production of the goods and the services, make his company benefit of the advantages offered by the constitution of a data bank. 
  • Make his company appear in the data bank of the B.S.T.P.O, the bank allowing the census of the available production capacities, the offers of subcontracting of products or semi produced susceptible to be made and available services.
  • Have the possibility of benefiting from services and opportunities that can regularly offer the National council loaded with the Promotion of the Subcontracting and the national network constituted by (4 ) four Regional stock exchanges of Subcontracting and Partnership (B.A.S.T.P. for the Centre region, B.S.T.P.E. for the East region, B.S.T.P.S. for the South region and B.S.T.P.O. for the West Algerian).
  • Be systematically consulted every time a Principal tries to subcontract the realizations of products, semi produced or services.
  • Be regularly informed about the opportunities of partnership for which the B.S.T.P.O. is consulted by companies or bodies so national as foreign.
  • Have thus the possibility of using better and of being able, therefore, of making its tool of production more profitable.
  • Have the possibility of participating in the technical days organized by the B.S.T.P.O. around subjects bound to the life of the company and to our days’ preoccupations.
  • Be able to participate, in preferential rates, in specialized lounges organized by the B.S.T.P.O.
  • Be able to participate, by means of an individual or common stand, in the lounges in which the B.S.T.P.O. will participate, lounges were stopped by the annual working programs, were adopted in General assemblies of the Members.
  • Be systematically represented on the occasion of the specialized Lounges and in which the B.S.T.P.O. will participate as well in Algeria as abroad.
  • Be an addressee of the states of the opportunities listed at the level of the stands of the B.S.T.P.O, on the occasion of its participation in lounges and fairs, both in Algeria and abroad.
  • Benefit from all the advantages in implementation of a partnership with the Universities of western Algerian in particular in the cases of demands of studies of innovation.
  • To benefit of all the information concerning the regulations allowing a better management of the company, such as the procedures of evaluation of the correspondence, the protection of the industrial property, the legal metrology, the fight against the imitation, procedures of profit of the guarantees of the Guarantee fund (FGAR), the credit insurances, the operations of upgrade, etc..
  • Benefit annually from calendars of fairs and lounges organized in Algeria, abroad and from specific exhibitions organized by our country abroad. 
  • Make benefit, every time when necessary, of the file of the human skills entitled "stock exchange of the Human Skills ". This file, which will be operational during the 4th quarter 2008, will allow the appeal, for punctual missions, to consultants' services and National Experts in all the sectors. Such a service offer will be offered to the Members of the BSTPO in symbolic price rates.
  • Have the possibility of using the Internet portal of the B.S.T.P.O for the operations of calls for tender, research for subcontractors or for partners, or still, for the transfer of not used material
  • Be able to make represent on the Internet portal of the B.S.T.P.O and in the exclusive profit of the other members list made products and\or services offered by his company.
  • To benefit preferential rates granted to the B.S.T.P.O within the framework of the agreements established with hotels SHERATON of Oran and ROYAL HOTEL of Oran and Hotel Président of Oran, preferential rates granted to the members who would not have signed agreements directly with these ( 3 ) three hotel establishments. 
  • Realization, for the Members having electric transformer and without payment of the additional costs, a study concerning the economy of consumption of the electrical energy SONELGAZ.
Assistance of the member companies of the BSTPO, for the coverage by the ANDPME (National Agency of Development of Small and Medium-Sized Firms) of the operation upgrade of his company.
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